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Kristina Daugherty - Marketing Expert

I am a mom. I am an entrepreneur. I love the term mompreneur, because I truly believe that it acknowledges the credit that is due for every working mom, owning a business, doing it all. The essence of the word also combines my two passions… babies and business.

For over a decade, I have owned several businesses, brick and mortar, Etsy shop, you name it... and I've helped countless other women-owned businesses get noticed online or in person. I've spent years learning what works for a business and what doesn't.


Don't waste anymore time and money, learn from someone like me who has made all the mistakes so you don't have to.


I am an expert at comprehensive campaigns, social media strategies and brainstorming creative solutions for your specific marketing needs. 


Let's get clear on your marketing goals with a customized step by step plan to move your business forward!

More eyeballs = more sales!  Increase traffic with my proven methods and Easy 10-Step Marketing Plan.

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