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Are you hoping to save money and create your own marketing material for your business?  Follow along on these easy-to-use Master Class Videos to take your business or youtube channel to the next level.  Create your own video intro using powerpoint.  Use it for all your marketing videos and communications.  Add to your newsletter, emails, and Youtube channel to increase your branding.  


This class includes an Online Course Video Download on How to Create an Animated Logo and a Video Intro (Youtube Intro).



1.    PDF Instructions
2.     Dropbox link to download or watch How-To Training Video



1.    I have spent the last 10 years learning how best to promote a small business, locally and on social media.  I know what your customers are looking for and how you can reach them!  
2.    I’m a Small Business too, just like you!  Supporting a one-woman-show means supporting a family and supporting a community.  I am heavily involved in my local business community.  I shop locally and shop small, whenever I can.  Your dollars help other small businesses and mom and pop shops just like yours.



1.    Instantly Download or Watch the 30-40 minute videos
2.     Create your own Video Marketing Material using Power Point


1.    You will get the most views and most online exposure if you post video files DIRECTLY to your social media post.  
2.    Upload your marketing materials to your Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube.
3.     Ask me for help!  If you have trouble with any of the above steps, convo me with your questions.

Video Marketing Master Course

$59.99 Regular Price
$47.99Sale Price
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