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Top 5 Canva Tips For Mompreneurs

Updated: Apr 26

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Have you tried Canva to create content for your business? If not, GIRL, get on board. It is fast and EASY to produce high quality social media posts! Canva is one of the most popular tools for small businesses and it can catapult your brand to the next level. With user friendly versions in both desktop and mobile app, #Canva is perfect for business owners and moms on the go.

Create Beautiful Marketing Content with Canva

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In this fast paced world, we all consume content faster than ever before. "The most engaging type of content on social media is short-form videos." You have about 2 seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer on social media before they scroll on by. The only way to do that is with gorgeous content that stands out.

135 Million people use Canva every month. It is the easiest place to quickly create customized content for your #brand that will captivate your target audience.

canva tips for mompreneurs

I recommend the Pro version for $12.99/month which allows many of the tools listed in my Top 5. However, there is a FREE version that you can start using today to see how you like it. The free version still has many capabilities and may be just what you need for your business. Canva Pricing.

Here are my Top 5 Canva Tips for Mompreneurs and small business owners.

Use Design Templates

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Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, Canva makes it easy to start from scratch, slap your logo on a ready-to-go design, or further customize a professional looking template. Canva has over 250K templates to search or browse with very little effort. What's more is you can search for style, subject matter, color, or even feeling to best portray your business message.

Using the design tab on a desktop (called templates in mobile app), you can scroll through suggested themes like quotes, events, back to school or type in your own search. This is a great way to create free printables (included in my FREE 10 step marketing plan) for your customers as well. Search “worksheet” templates to create coloring pages, lists, coupons, or helpful resources.

Animate to create videos

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You may have noticed that #videos are ruling the world. As you scroll through social media, have you noticed how many videos catch your eye and lead you down a 20-minute rabbit hole you never knew you needed.

With Canva, you can easily create quick 3-5 second videos that are perfect for bite sized marketing on social media. Click on any element or text in your design and use the animate button to choose how it enters or exits. My favorite movements are "typewriter" for text and "drift" for logos. Play around with different animation movements as well as transitions between pages.

Anytime you add animation in Canva, you have the option to export your design as an .mp4 video file. Then you can easily upload this file to any social media platform.

Resize for different social platforms

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As a busy #mompreneur, you probably manage several social media accounts for your business. With Canva you can easily change the size of your design file by clicking the resize button.

This way the same video design can be used for Instagram (1080 x 1080) or TikTok (1080 x 1920). I always suggest using the same content on all platforms to help with brand recognition (and to save you brainpower)! Typically, you have different audiences on each platform. Most people are not seeing your same content on multiple platforms, especially dues to the algorithms. But if by chance they do seem the same content twice, it will only help your business message.

Save different logos

I love creating a brand look with coordinating fonts and complimenting colors that all look great with my logo. Canva makes it so easy to save my brand style. I can add my logo to the brand hub or logos tab so that I can easily add my logo and match colors to every design.

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With the changing seasons, I also love to have multiple logos that celebrate the holidays. Canva can save all my different logos, so that I don't have to go digging around for the one I created last Halloween. Canva also has beautiful templates for every holiday and celebration.

holiday logo design marketing

I can browse the holiday templates, find one that matches my brand style, pop in my logo with one click, and add some complimenting graphics in colors that match my brand. I can create social media posts in just a few minutes!

Add Graphics

You can start with a blank canvas in Canva. Add in your logo, some text, and a background image or video. Still missing something? Customize every design by adding graphic "elements" like lines, dots, swooshes, blobs, and lights. Search for these in the elements tab and refine your search to animated elements as well.

Adding gold sparkle, white stars, or pink glitter is one of my favorite elements to elevate my designs. What better way to "spark" the attention of your target audience, than with a little sparkle!

Need More Ideas?

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Canva is a fabulous and #imho essential tool for mompreneurs! Do you need more ideas on how to use Canva and all your other marketing efforts? Let's schedule a time to chat and analyze your marketing to come up with a comprehensive strategy to move your business forward.

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