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Is Your Marketing Working For Your Business?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

This is the question we all ask ourselves as small business owners, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and my new favorite term "goddesspreneur"! How do you know if all your marketing efforts are paying off?

mompreneur marketing

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years in helping them market their business. So often, one of the most important pieces to the marketing puzzle gets overlooked... ANALYTICS! I get it... it feels like a scary word. We know it is something we should look at, but sometimes we just don't know where to start. Then if you do start and you see all those charts and numbers, it is way too overwhelming to make sense of it all.

Get a FREE Printable of 6 Questions About Analytics to ask yourself.

I'm on a mission to make life easier for DIY marketers and small business owners, especially one-woman-shows... because that is me! I've started (and ended) many businesses all on my own. I know all to well that we are all wearing ALL the hats and doing ALL the things ALL the time. It's too much!

Just like parenting, I really believe 'it takes a village' to raise kids AND raise a business. We need partners and a network of skilled people to help us along in our journey. I hope I can be that helpful guide for you and a part of your business. Ready to take the next step in owning your marketing and taking control of your business? Check out our online training classes.


I know all to well how easily we can get overwhelmed with doing what we have heard is good for business. Meanwhile spinning our wheels just trying to keep our business running, let alone worrying about marketing on top of all that! It's just smart business to use the knowledge (and blood, sweat, and tears) of those that have gone before you.

The first step to figuring out whether your current marketing plan (or lack thereof) is working for your business, is to know your analytics inside and out. Check them periodically and analyze them to compare how the results stack up to what you have been working on and where you spend the most time (and money).

If someone told you that instagram was the best way to make money online and that's where you have been spending all your time, wouldn't you want to see results for all that work? We all know that marketing takes time, but you want to make sure people are actually clicking to your website from instagram. Analytics is the best way to see what is working now and know where to focus your next move.

Don't miss this quick list (free printable) of 6 Questions to ask yourself about Analytics and how well your marketing is working:

I'd love to hear from you! Comment below with how you check your analytics and how they have helped shape your business.

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