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3 Books that Changed My Business

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


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Not only did these 3 titles change the way I conducted my business, they completely changed how I think and feel about finances. Building wealth (which is what all of us want) takes a certain mindset. If you're reading this as a business owner, you are already taking the first step in taking control of your income.

I used to dread the car line when picking up my kids from school. It seemed to take forever and be such a waste of time. I would always busy myself with what business tasks I could complete on my phone and then of course somehow get sucked into an endless (non-productive) facebook or tiktok hole. Then one day, I discovered audio books!


I'm so in love with Audible because it is connected to my Amazon Prime account and the app is really user friendly. So many popular titles (and even obscure titles) are available.

They suggest other titles similar to what you have been searching. You can add books to your wishlist and library. One trick is to also buy the inexpensive titles on top of your monthly credits. You can only do this on the website, not the app, but it is well worth it to find lots of great affordable reads.

Reading really does change your perspective. There are so many ideas out there and others who have paved the way for us. We just have to learn! I have learned that I can work on my listening skills AND learn great business skills, all while waiting in car line.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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When I graduated from college, I thought all I had to do in my adult life was find a job, and I would automatically be successful. As many of us have found out, it is just not that easy. The financial classic Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my way of thinking. I needed to focus on building assets rather than just collecting a paycheck. I so wish I had read this book sooner!

Tapping Into Wealth

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If you're like me and have started a few businesses in your day (and had to end those businesses), then you probably have a few weird feelings around finances. Most everyone does! I never realized that my money thinking was innate, subconscious and could maybe be changed. I really thought I just needed to dive into a budget and learn to love the restrictions. Tapping into Wealth completely changed how I think about money. I am now aware of some self-sabotaging thinking and how to fix it. This book has opened my mind to the world of "tapping" and I have used it in many aspects of my life.

How to Blog for Profit

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I have always known that blogging is a great way to promote a website. For all the SEO opportunities, a blog provides recent and relevant clicks for more google bots. I understood the basic concept, but How to Blog for Profit completely took me to another level AND made it so much easier! I wish I had found this book before I ever started a business. I would have done so many things differently.

These are my top 3 books that completely CHANGED my life and my business!

Comment below if you have read these books or which books changed your life! Share this post with someone who could use these book recommendations.

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Jenisha Patel
Jenisha Patel
Apr 07, 2022

Currently reading Rich dad, poor dad.. Good suggestions..

Blog- Jeny's | Jenyscloset | India


Dr Santiago
Dr Santiago
Apr 05, 2022

I'll be checking out your suggestions. Thanks!


I remember reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad a long time ago. Maybe I should reread it to see how it has aged!


Bryan Carey
Bryan Carey
Apr 04, 2022

There is much wisdom to be shared in these books. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the one I know best. It seems like everyone has read that one!


Great book suggestions!

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