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3 Must-Do's on Pinterest for Small Business

Updated: Apr 14, 2022


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Do you have a personal profile on Pinterest? Have you thought about making one for your business? Here are the 3 Must-Do's for Small Business.

pinterest marketing

pinterest marketing

If you've spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you have probably discovered that on a personal level, it can be a giant source of joy and major time suck at the same time. I always find myself on there looking for a quick recipe or printable. Before I know it, I'm planning this year's Thanksgiving tablescape in beautiful teal and orange and learning how to diy renovate the dining room to match!

Pinterest is an amazing place for inspiration and pretty pictures. You may have been thinking, what does this have to do with my business?

pinterest marketing

The thing about Pinterest is that it is way more "clickable" than most other social media platforms. It works more like a search engine than a social site. The Pinterest algorithm shows you similar pins to what you search for and what you like, not just what your followers like. All pins can be linked to an outside link, so that users are used to "clicking".

Because it is such a "clickable" environment, Pinterest can be an amazing traffic driver to your website. Every pin can have a pretty picture and link to a different URL. This is ideal for Etsy Shops and Shopify accounts where you might have a lot of products to sell. You can pin every product so that it is linking directly to each listing or product.

I've been pinning for businesses for over a decade. I have learned what works time and time again, no matter how the algorithm changes. Here are the 3 Must-Do's on Pinterest for every small business.

I always say that if you're business is not on Pinterest, your competition is! If you haven't thought about using Pinterest to help drive traffic to your website, the time is now. You could be missing out on a huge "clickable" market just waiting for your product.

pinterest marketing

Pinterest has over 400 million users and over 75% of those users are women. If your target market is women, you need to check out Pinterest. Just don't be surprised if you get sucked into a hole of home decorating, recipe pinning, and family vacation planning. There is an infinite supply of pretty inspiration and motivation just waiting for you! Happy Pinning!

Want to learn more about how to use Pinterest for your business? Check out our online Pinterest and Tailwind Master Class that covers all you need to know to drive traffic to your website!

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Kyle A
Kyle A
12 במרץ 2022

Very informative tips. Thank you.

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