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How to Use Pinterest for Beginners: 10 Tips for Mompreneurs

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In today's dynamic business landscape, women entrepreneurs are making remarkable strides, and social media platforms play a pivotal role in this journey. Pinterest, with its visually appealing interface, is not just a hub for inspiration and creativity but also a potent tool for business growth. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 empowering tips for women entrepreneurs to leverage a Pinterest account effectively for their businesses.

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how to use pinterest for beginners

1. Create a Pinterest Business Account:

Start by setting up a dedicated business account on Pinterest. This allows you to access valuable analytics and other business-focused features that a personal account doesn't offer. All you need to get started is an email address. 

2. Define Your Brand Persona:

Pinterest is all about visuals, so ensure you have a cohesive and compelling visual identity for your brand awareness. Create Pinterest boards that reflect your brand's personality, values, and aesthetic to make a lasting impression on your audience. Check out my new board ideas here. It is a good idea to create your brand's own boards so that it is easy for users to find your products, services, or blog posts.  

pinterest marketing for mompreneurs

3. Optimize Your Profile:

Don't miss this step in how to use Pinterest for beginners! Craft a compelling profile bio and use a logo profile picture. I have found that for most women owned businesses, if you use a personal photo of your face as your profile pic, you may attract unwanted Pinterest users.  Include keywords related to your business to enhance searchability. A well-optimized profile increases the chances of attracting your target audience. A great way to find relevant keywords is to use the search bar to find popular search words related to your business. Be sure to add your business url in the profile so that it is a clickable link with easy access for pinterest users at the top of your profile.

pinterest boards for beginners

4. Curate Inspirational Boards:

Use Pinterest to tell the story of your brand by curating Pinterest boards that resonate with your business's values and target audience. The best way to do this is to think of what your target audience might be searching for.  They are a multi-faceted human just like you, after all.  For example, because you both pin home decor and self care pins, your product pins may also show up in their home feed or search results. This makes Pinterest a more clickable social media platform because you have similar interests with your target audience. Share inspirational content related to your niche, showcasing not just your products but also your brand's lifestyle and ethos.

5. Pin Strategically:

Pin regularly to your Pinterest account, but don't overwhelm your followers with a flurry of pins at once. Instead, schedule your pins that can include your blog posts, products or services at optimal times to reach a wider audience. Consistent and strategic pinning will keep your profile active and engaging. Try using a scheduling app like Tailwind to schedule pins, ensure consistent pinning and maximize your Pinterest marketing.

6. Leverage Rich Pins:

Enable rich pins for your website to provide additional information directly on your pins. Etsy and Shopify have made this so seamless and the perfect place for easy clicking. Whether it's product details, recipes, or blog posts, rich pins enhance the user experience and increase the likelihood of engagement.

how to use pinterest for beginners

7. Harness the Power of Keywords:

Pinterest is essentially a search engine, so use relevant keywords in your pin descriptions, board names, and profile bio. This will enhance the discoverability of your content and attract users interested in your niche. A good idea is to write down the Pinterest tags that can be added only on video pins. These are the categories and keywords that Pinterest likes.  

8. Collaborate and Network:

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, influencers, and potential customers by collaborating on group boards. This not only broadens your reach but also fosters a sense of community around your brand.  This is a great way to see what other popular pins are in rotation and what other small businesses are writing about in their blog posts. 

marketing pinterest for beginners

9. Promote Your Products Creatively:

Showcase your products or services in a visually appealing way with pin images or videos. Try out my Canva tips for the easiest way to create perfectly sized pins. Canva has a vast library of high-quality images that you can use to highlight your brand's style. Create product-specific boards, and don't shy away from creating tutorials, infographics, or behind-the-scenes content. The more creative and informative, the better. The best way to create effective pin images is to notice other people's pins that stand out to you the most. These are usually pins with strong bold titles and include fonts and colors that are easy on the eyes. You can even create secret boards and title them 'brainstorm ideas' to keep track of colors and styles that you like. Do this by selecting the edit tool in the right-hand corner of any board and scroll down to select 'keep this board secret'.

10. Analyze and Adjust:

Regularly analyze your Pinterest analytics to understand what's working and what needs improvement. An important step in checking your Pinterest traffic is to use the drop down menu at the top and choose Overview under the Analytics section. Then scroll down to see the outbound clicks.  You can monitor your growth by changing the graph to highlight 30, 60, or 90 days. Easy ways to keep track of these statistics are to screenshot the menus and date stamp them to compare month over month.  Adjust your overall Pinterest marketing strategy based on the data to optimize your brand awareness and presence continually.


Since Pinterest does not work like any other social platform, the number of followers and monthly views are not as important.  Although these are great analytics to keep an eye on, the more important Pinterest analytics are the views (and clicks) to your brand's own pins. 

pinterest for beginners

Pinterest for Beginners

Pinterest is a dynamic social platform that offers boundless opportunities for women entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity, products, and brand ethos. By following these 10 empowering tips, you can harness the full potential of Pinterest marketing to elevate your business and empower your journey as a successful mompreneur. Embrace the visual storytelling and searchability power of Pinterest, and let your brand shine!

Written in collaboration with artificial intelligence (ChatGPT-3.5). Edited by a human.

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These are very good tips for Pinterest users. I want to try doing a inspirational board.

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