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Self Care for Small Business Owners

If you own your own business, you know all too well what overwhelm feels like. From filling orders to finding new customers, you have to do ALL the things. It can be extremely overwhelming and burnout is sure to be a regular occurrence.

self care for small business

Here are some easy reminders to help tackle some of these overload feelings.

Learn to say NO

As a business owner just starting out, it can feel like we can't ever say NO. Especially if it means making money. Who would say no to money?

I have learned to really evaluate the things that are worthy of my time (events, customers, tasks). Between being a wife, mom, dog lover, creative, entrepreneur, there are just never enough hours in the day. I want to spend my time wisely. I have to ask myself constantly, "Is this bringing in money and is it worth it?"

self care business

This comes into play a lot with customers that I get an "off" gut feeling about. Whether it's our personalities or visions clashing, something doesn't feel right. I'm sure you know the ones, where you can just sense they will probably never be happy and yet they are taking up the most of your time and energy. I often think of the 80/20 rule where 80% of my efforts are probably only bringing me 20% of my profits.

I try to remember this and change my focus. If a customer is taking up way more time than any other customer (and not paying for it), I can say NO. I can complete what I promised to do, of course, and then choose not to work with them anymore. It is my business, and I can control who I let into the sacred empire I have built. I can make the hard decision to not accept work, even if it pays, that will cause more harm than profit.


Need a quick reminder to post in your office? Download this printable to remind yourself to take care of YOU, no matter the business you're in.


Let it go

Learning to let go of things you can't control, can be the HARDEST thing, especially as a small business owner. They say don't take business personally. But when you have created something from NOTHING and made every decision along the way, I'm sorry, it is personal. You have put your whole heart and soul into something that is all your own. It is extremely personal! And that is completely ok, in fact, that's what got you this far!

So when you get one bad review or Facebook changes their algorithm (again)... try to LET IT GO!

online reviews

It can be really hard to NOT take one bad review personally. Especially when you have worked really hard to please everyone and have a lot of great reviews. If I find myself ever just spinning or ruminating and there is really no solution, I have to just let it go (thanks, Elsa!). Thinking incessantly over something that I can't control or change, takes up way too much brain power. I have to move on and focus on more important things.

We all know, we don't control Facebook! If you have found an awesome groove on social media that is working great for your business, and then all the sudden it doesn't? You may need to just let it go! Either roll with changes or focus more on what really is working. Disheartening as it may be, your sanity and happiness are far more important.

Check Analytics

It can be easy to overlook checking your analytics. Whether you are using Google Analytics or your own web hosting stats, it is extremely important to know where your traffic is coming from. In other words, is anything you are doing actually working?

business analytics

I find checking my analytics gives me total PEACE of mind. I can see very clearly which of my efforts are actually getting the results I want. Only you can know what those results are worth; dollar amount of sales, ad spend, clicks or your time involved.

Checking my analytics gives me permission to let go of the tasks that aren't bringing in the results and frees up my time. NOTHING says self care to me more, than something that actually saves me time!


As a small business owner, it is really hard to not only do ALL the things but also keep up with ALL the things. Technology is changing, the world is changing... there's so much to worry about.

self care

Often times, I have to remind myself to just put my phone down, close my laptop, and just be me for a minute. Whether that is just enjoying the quiet in my car, watching my kids do their homework, listening to music, or watching a mindless baking show, I find my biggest moments of clarity are when my mind is idle. Going for a walk, taking a hot shower, even just sitting are among my favorite times to reset my brain.

Every small business owner needs some #selfcare. Much like being a mom, it is a 24/7 job to run and market your own business. I hope you can take a few moments for you. Print out this reminder so you don't forget to pause and find some tranquility in your busy business brain.

Comment below with your favorite self care moments and how you unwind from your business. Share this post with someone who could use a little #mompreneur inspiration.

Need more peace of mind with a one on one strategy session? Together we can work out an EASY marketing plan that will clear up your focus and get your business back on track.

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