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Top 5 Etsy Shop Tips to Improve Traffic

I have had a shop, in one form or another, on Etsy for over 12 years. Etsy has only been around for 17 years. I have learned many things about what works (and what doesn't) to gain more traffic, which leads to more sales.

etsy shop tips

If you have never shopped for yourself on, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and go there... go NOW! You will find completely beautiful things that you never knew you needed! PLUS, you are supporting millions of small home-based handmade businesses.

But if you are reading this article, you are most likely an Etsy shop owner, like me! It is always a challenge to build something and hope people will come. Selling online is one of the hardest things to do, especially with the number of sellers growing everyday. Yes there will always be competition, but I always see this as more opportunity to get creative. There are plenty of buyers out there... you just have to get them to see you.

etsy shopping

I absolutely love the shopping experience on Etsy. They have done an amazing job to appeal to (mostly women) shoppers in a beautifully simple and smooth way. It is pleasing to the eye to browse so many amazingly unique handmade items. Not to mention, their search engine always seems to find things I like.

From the beginning, Etsy created a visual playground for crafters and artisans. When I first started my shop in 2010 (and still to this day), I would strive to make the most beautiful cover photos. Back then, Etsy would pick trending "Treasuries" to be on the front

page! This was a huge boost for any shop if your item appeared in that Treasury!

You could also create your own Treasuries, which were beautifully curated lists of items. I always liked the Treasuries that matched items by color but in unexpected ways. Here's a couple that I created way back when.

Nowadays, things operate a little differently on Etsy. As with all good things, they

change. And for Etsy Shops, the constant change is always hard, but in the end is better for the shopper... which is ultimately better for the shop owner.

I have learned over the years what Top 5 methods stand the test of ever-changing algorithms and still lead my Etsy shop to more eyeballs and more sales. Some of my methods

may seem old-school, but I kid you not... they work and I use them STILL to this day!

Spoiler alert, my favorite tip and the ONE that has brought me the most business is Pinterest. If you'd like to dive deeper into learning how Pinterest & Tailwind can exponentially grow your Etsy Shop, check out our exclusive online Master Class training sessions.


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