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Top 5 Mompreneur Traits

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mompreneur with pink blazer ready to set the world on fire

Have you been wondering if you have what it takes to be a Mompreneur? By definition, if you're reading this, you probably already do.

What is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneurs are women who are taking their career into their own hands and creating a business. Defined by Wikipedia, "A mompreneur is a female business owner who actively balances the roles of mother and of entrepreneur."

busy mom working with baby at the laptop

I first heard this word long AFTER I already was one. As new moms, I think every woman goes through a moment of "how can I juggle being a mom and have a job?" In recent years, so many women have taken it a step further and plunged into starting a business. All #momgoals are the same... to better serve our role as mom and provider.


Obviously, this dual role comes with many challenges that often get overlooked in our society. Too often the expectations to easily be a mom and have a job are far too great, let alone build a business. All working moms have to juggle a lot. But there is an extra set of skills that mompreneurs innately have to overcome the added struggles.

Do you have what it takes? Yes! If you're reading this, you already do. Find out what other amazing qualities you probably already possess as a mompreneur.

Mompreneur Qualities

After working with hundreds of moms in business over the last decade, I have gathered what I think are the most important Top 5 qualities that all mompreneurs share.

1. Motivated

motivated woman with arms in the air ready to start the day

Moms in business are some of the most driven bunch of women I have ever met. We know what we want and are willing to work hard for it. We are dedicated to our dreams and know the road ahead will never be easy. Yet we are still willing to push forward.

Every morning we wake and do ALL the things. We get the kids off to school and set the world on fire!

2. Perseverance

perseverance definition

Hurdle after hurdle, moms find a way to persevere. Owning a business and running a household can cause many challenges. We push through, knowing the goal will be sweeter because it is our own.

3. Risk Taker

No lie, owning a business of any kind has its risks. Mompreneurs take it a step further by sometimes sacrificing the time with our kids in order to meet our goals. Our aim is to better the future. But sometimes, that means risking the present or risking a paycheck.

4. Problem Solver

I would bet that most moms started a business because there was a problem that nee

mompreneur qualities include problem solving with pen and notepad in hand

ded to be solved. Often we find that no one has a solution for a problem we have. So we create one... and build a business out of it!

No matter how successful you are, problems will arise in business. Mompreneurs are especially equipped with finding solutions. We don't even realize how often our own family need us to find their socks or their keys. This translates to quick critical thinking and observation that really comes in handy for small business.

5. Creative Innovator

When the path ahead is not clear, we pave a new one. If someone ever said you couldn't, I guarantee you were more motivated to show that you could. Mompreneurs don't have to be artists to be creative. We are innovators in our own designs and markets. Creating something from nothing because there is a need.

Want more? Take the quiz to find out even more ways you are a mompreneur.

mompreneur working on a laptop busy mom

If these Top 5 Mompreneur traits rang true for you, comment below! I'd love to hear what important qualities keep you pushing forward.

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